All the Way Chic Sunday

All the Way Chic Sunday
Happy Let go & Let God Sunday! This turquoise blue is great on ANY skin tone. You can’t go wrong with it. To affirm the gold jewelry, pair it with these sling backs with gold accents. Finish it off with a soft pink lip and your ready for church! Enjoy ūüôā

Blue dress

Sheer tight

Charlotte Olympia black sling back pumps

Alexander McQueen red purse

Kate spade jewelry

Lip stick



What to wear to a Blogger’s Convention?

What to wear to a Blogger's Convention?

In honor of Blogger’s Like Me, Workshop this Saturday August 30th(Check to see if you they’re coming to a city near you), I realized that “I have no idea what to wear”! But here are two options that will work well in any environment. Whenever your dressing take into consideration two things:

1. What time in the day it will be?

3. Who’s going to be there?

¬†There’s always a transition between day and night. The reason: temperature? The¬†mornings and evenings tend to be a bit chilly, prepare for that.¬†The timing is also a huge point to consider because it influences who will be around you. The evening is typically reserved for social hour, so you can be less formal because chances are, your with friends.

Long sleeve blazer

Mango red trousers

Christian Louboutin red pumps

Casadei leather shoes

Diane Von Furstenberg clutch

Wayfarer sunglasses

Anna Sui lip gloss

Stila eyeshadow

Urban Decay false eyelash

Maybelline beauty product

SUMMER STYLE: What to wear Fridays

SUMMER STYLE: What to wear Fridays
It’ Friday ya’ll! YESSSS! Here’s a laid back outfit meant for casual Friday at work or a late evening movie. It’s a basic outfit but the basic black and white wrap gives the outfit a little something extra to look at. This is great if your going for boho chic vibe. Pair this outfit with a soft makeup look and your good to go!