Find the Perfect Holiday Dress!

Find the Perfect Holiday Dress!

Searching for the perfect holiday dress can be a hassle but once you’ve found the perfect dress, these 3 things are super important:

1. Comfort-Chances you’ll be wearing this dress for a few hours. Make sure comfortable and you can breathe. Go ahead girl, try out the buffet, hit the dance floor, laugh your head off. If you can’t do these things, then no matter how gorgeous the dress is, it’s not for you!

2. Classic-Is this a dress when you take a picture, you can be proud of? Or will years later, you’ll be untagging your name on Facebook because you’re having a “Oh my, what was I thinking?” moment.

3. Is it you?(same thing as classic really)-Is this a dress you can see yourself in? Is it something you normally would wear? Pick timeless over trend.

Coast halter dress
$260 –

Monsoon floral dress

Isabel de Pedro leather panel dress
$510 –


What to wear on your Birthday

What to wear on your Birthday

I say on Birthdays…LIVE IT UP! The first day of something new is the day you want to make a statement. Personally for me, I threw a bunch of items together and it happened to work. This season we’re still on the mixing of different materials and I happened to REALLY love that trend just because I’ve always been a creative free spirit. This outfit says “Who says Christian Girls can’t have fun?!”

What to wear to a Pastor’s Ordination

What to wear to a Pastor's Ordination

Over the weekend, I will be attending a Pastors Ordination Ceremony. Not my first and probably not my last. I got the thinking, is there a “rule” of what and not wear. IDK! But I did ask myself “ If I was an attendee at Prince William & Kate’s wedding *tapping chin* what would I wear?!”  My friend, this would be  it. You are a witness to a man or woman of God’s elevation! What an exciting time. You are part of the Royal Priesthood and this is a GREAT time to look the part.

Jane Norman red dress
$72 –

Oasis handbag
$24 –

Carolee dangle earrings

Wool hat

AERIN lips makeup

Lancôme eau de perfume

Veteran’s Day Outfit

Veteran's Day Outfit
Happy Veteran’s Day! Some of us had to stay home & some of us had to go to work. Either way, here’s a little inspiration for outfit ideas.

IHeart stripe blouse
$265 –

Long top
$8.04 –

Nicola Finetti red pants
$315 –

Harem pants

Spray perfume

Eos lip care

All the Way Chic Sunday

All the Way Chic Sunday

This outfit screams first lady LOL! Alexander McQueen always creates amazing pieces that causes any outfit to really stand out. Of course we all can’t afford Alexander McQueen (now)but you can always find a great dupe. Try a local thrift store, a consignment shop or online vendors.

Alexander McQueen blue jacket

Warehouse high waisted pencil skirt
$40 –

SPANX clothing
$39 –

Warehouse chain earrings
$23 –

Tights Anyone?

tights anyone
Here’s an idea for an outfit that’s loads of fun! It makes you forget all about the cold (almost LOL)

Black stocking
$13 –

Coach leather duffel bag
$515 –

Brooks Brothers glass jewelry


Sisley Paris lip shine

Jimmy choo perfume