SUMMER STYLE: What to Wear to an All White Party

SUMMER STYLE: What to Wear to an All White Party
I’ve been invited to yet another all white gospel bash. I always think to myself: Who has that much white in their closest. However, this is something I whipped up. I will abide by the dress code but I added my spin to the outfit. Pairing it with a bold jacket still helps you stand out without COMPLETELY going against the tide. My favorite piece of this out: purple lip-gloss. It’s  a thin line between creative and crazy LOL. But this gloss isn’t SUPER pigmented where you can’t pull it off.  Enjoy!

FASHION FORWARD: Fall 2013 Preview

FASHION FORWARD: Fall 2013 Preview

Isabel de Pedro leather dress
$455 –

H&m earrings
$4.62 –

Opi nail lacquer