What to wear on your Birthday

What to wear on your Birthday

I say on Birthdays…LIVE IT UP! The first day of something new is the day you want to make a statement. Personally for me, I threw a bunch of items together and it happened to work. This season we’re still on the mixing of different materials and I happened to REALLY love that trend just because I’ve always been a creative free spirit. This outfit says “Who says Christian Girls can’t have fun?!”


What to wear Wednesdays

What to wear Wednesdays


What’s better than a sweater dress on a cold fall morning? A WRAP sweater dress LOL! Let’s call it “Wrap Dress Wednesdays”. The nude dress is our central focus, that way you can wear almost ANY color combination! Hope your inspired:) Happy Wednesday.

All the Way Chic Sunday

All the Way Chic Sunday
Happy Let go & Let God Sunday! This turquoise blue is great on ANY skin tone. You can’t go wrong with it. To affirm the gold jewelry, pair it with these sling backs with gold accents. Finish it off with a soft pink lip and your ready for church! Enjoy 🙂

Blue dress

Sheer tight
$4.66 – newlook.com

Charlotte Olympia black sling back pumps
$895 – profilefashion.com

Alexander McQueen red purse

Kate spade jewelry

Lip stick
$34 – theiconic.com.au


SUMMER STYLE: Daughter of a King Edition

SUMMER STYLE: Getting Dolled Up for No Reason!
You’re a daughter of a King, that’s reason enough to always be at your best! Enjoy *muah*

Charlotte Olympia high heel pumps
$885 – profilefashion.com

Mondrina mint purse

Mimco pearl jewelry
$325 – mimco.com.au

Carolina Bucci formal earrings
$375 – avenue32.com

Lips makeup
$34 – theiconic.com.au

Nars cosmetic

What to wear to Church on Sunday Morning

What to wear to Church on Sunday Morning
Love this outfit! I think it made my heart skip a beat or two! Wrap dresses are flattering on every shape and size you can’t go wrong. In the bible, purple represents royalty…no argument over here! One of my favorite fragrances is Versace, Crystal Noir. It’s silent yet powerful. I’m no expert in fragrances, I can just tell you “Honey, that’s the one!”  And if you’re like me, as soon as church is over and your on your way to good ole Sunday Dinner, you want to switch into some cute flats!

Wrap dress

Bracelet ring
$23 – whistles.co.uk

Versace Crystal Noir Eau De Toilette 50ml
$74 – harveynichols.com

From Work to Church

From Work to Church
Hey ladies! If you’re like me and always on the run sometimes what I wear to work is often what I wear to church! I thought I’d just share some ideas of how you can still be chic, Christian and professional! *snaps for the kid*