What to wear Fridays

What to wear Fridays
This outfit is bound to make you unwind, EVEN if you don’t want to! You can wear them with leggings or some Harlem pants if you want to feel comfortable. It’s up to you! Enjoy your Friday!

J brand

Vero Moda loose fitting pants
$55 – veromoda.com

DKNY shoulder bag
$370 – harveynichols.com

$4.79 – newlook.com

Butter London lip gloss
$27 – conleys.de

Chanel citrus perfume


What to wear to a Christian Rap Concert

What to wear to a Christian Rap Concert
I feel like if your going to go to a christian rap concert, you might as well commit to the look LOL! This is the best time to wear items in your closet that you wouldn’t wear any other time. Here are two ideas that will get your wheels spinning! Don’t be afraid to kick your heels off and have a good time!



It’s that time of year again…SCHOOL! The kiddies to college grads are gearing up to hit the books. We all have different styles and go through different phases. Everyday this week, Confessionsofachristiangirl.com will help give you some ideas on what to wear. Today’s pieced is inspired for that “Ahhh, man summer is over already?!?!” person. Enjoy! Catch us tomorrow for idea #2!

Wildfox Couture tissue t shirt
$165 – jades24.com

Balmain jeans
$1,275 – brownsfashion.com

Converse shoes

Monki black handbag
$11 – monki.com

Stud earrings

H M black circle scarf
$12 – hm.com

Rimmel voluminous mascara
$10 – asos.com

Waterproof eyeliner

SUMMER STYLE: What to Wear to an All White Party

SUMMER STYLE: What to Wear to an All White Party
I’ve been invited to yet another all white gospel bash. I always think to myself: Who has that much white in their closest. However, this is something I whipped up. I will abide by the dress code but I added my spin to the outfit. Pairing it with a bold jacket still helps you stand out without COMPLETELY going against the tide. My favorite piece of this out: purple lip-gloss. It’s  a thin line between creative and crazy LOL. But this gloss isn’t SUPER pigmented where you can’t pull it off.  Enjoy!