Things Christian Girls Love Thursdays: Where there is truth, there is the life, where there is life, there is Christ!

The truth. If there is ANYTHING a christian girl loves it’s the truth.  Truth means “to state reality” or “verify the fact”.Where there is truth, there is the life, where there is life, there is Christ. Truth is the basis of our faith, it’s part of who we are. In John 14:6, the bible boldly declares
“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”.
Christ knew there is clarity and freedom in ultimate truth. The best example He could give, was himself. He didn’t lie about who He was in the face of adversity and he absolutely came across people who needed to hear the truth about themselves.  I’ve taken Christ’s example and I have learned to do two things:

1. Stay away from people who don’t tell the truth

2. Always tell the truth

If the bible says that there is life in truth, then there has to be death in lies and deceit. In order to stay grounded, you need mirrors of truth. You need to be able to see yourself even when you’re in error. This week, I was challenged by how to tell someone I cared about the truth. I needed them to know the reality that they were in. It took me at least a week to find the right approach and delivery because with truth you must perform it with grace. It’s like giving medicine to a child, especially when they know “Hey! You! Crazy lady! You know this doesn’t take good right!” You have to be patient with the child, take your time before you can deliver the full measure. You don’t always have to be harsh in your delivery because it’s as important as what you’re saying. Strong lasting relationships stay intact because somewhere down the line, both the giver and receiver, gave and received the truth.Take it upon yourself for the rest of the week to not just be honest with others but to be honest with yourself, no matter how much it hurts. Or more importantly, no matter how much your voice shakes when you’re saying it.