Caught between a Rock & a Hard Place

Like I was saying on instagram (lol):

Offense is a tricky thing because it sucks people into battles that have nothing to do with them. Let me bring it on home a little bit! This can’t be confessions of a Christian girl without a confession! Come on now! I found myself in a situation where I was at odds with someone. We had a mutual person who loved us both & I believe till date, equally fair. Not one time did this person in my presence speak ill of the other person involved. Not once. I was impressed! They didn’t sit on the fence, talk nasty things, then run back and do the same with the person I was at odds with. That takes character. I truly respect this person. And aspire to do the same when caught in the middle. 

There’s a way to stand for people, love them, have their back without being disrespectful towards another especially if that person hasn’t done anything wrong to you per say. “I’m not disrespectful, Tasha! I haven’t done anything wrong to the person! But you don’t know what they did!”  Here’s a checklist. Let’s check your heart shall we?

  1. Every time the persons name is mentioned you have something slick to say
  2. You never speak TO them but always about them 
  3. Not once have you taken the opportunity to ask God what He thinks about the matter
  4. Could there be a piece of the story you may be missing? Does your friend and or loved one have this issue REPEATEDLY with no real solution each episode? 

I can’t say that I’ve always followed this model but I can say, I’m getting a little wiser. 

Word of caution: When you step into a old battle & take sides without doing some homework, God is not obligated to protect you in your ingorance. 

You gonna learn today!  You may siding with someone who is wrong. Even if you love them! 

Let’s look at some scripture: 1 Samuel 25. Abigail…I don’t know how she did it. But I’m taking notes. Her husband was LOUD & WRONG. She knew it! David could’ve wiped Nabal’s name off the face of earth & wouldn’t have been in the wrong. She didn’t catch an attitude with David. She didn’t go home & ask her husband if he was an idiot. She found away to to bring peace (we know how the story ends lol). 

Listen, I’ve been on BOTH sides of an issue. I’ve sided with someone in an offense and got railroaded. I’ve also been offended & could not see how the other person could be right. I’m your sister, I love you & gotta tell you the truth. Look at my scars, I’ve learned the hard way lol. You don’t have to. Choose peace & to be peaceable. 

Short, sweet & straight to the point, Tasha ✌🏽


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