This video is too good to not share. Forgiveness is always a hard topic for me. I’m a lover of justice. I demand retribution! NOW! LOL. Let me stop. *smirk*. But when you got an Amazing-always-forgiving-keeping-you-under-the-blood-remember-what-I-did-for-you-last-week-type of God like mine?! It’s hard to ignore when He brings certain people, events or circumstances to mind, nudging my at-times calious heart to release those who:

  1.  Not even sorry or care to be sorry
  2. Refusing responsibility for their actions
  3. My personal favorite: pretend your a bad person to make themselves feel better.

But whatever the reason, whatever the case, this video is yet another reminder to take a stroll to my heart department & KEEP forgiving. Why be in hell on earth & risk eternal damination for another red-blooded human, who came from dust & shall return to dust? *that was shady, wasn’t it lol* It’s HARD. I KNOW!!! TRUST ME! I. KNOW. But everyday, release it. Ask God to help you. He’s helped me & is STILL helping me. I still want to go mental & go Love and Hiphop on folk daily. But do what I do, in your prayer time, go as far as to say “I release *insert name here*”. To truly forgive is to, give up your expectation for remorse or an “I’m sorry”. Jesus, yet while on the cross said in Luke 23:34-35

“Father, forgive them; they don’t know what they’re doing”

Let me tell you something: there is a certain level of shame & regret that comes over someone when they’ve treated you HORRIBLY & perhaps didn’t realize at the time but came to back to their normal state of mind to now see what they’ve done. It’s a sad, sad day. That is between them & God. The end of Judas was suicide (Matthew 27:3-5). Forgive. People have many reasons to do what they do. There might be a whole storyline you’re missing. I never thought in a MILLION years I would say something like this (I’m sounding REAL grown right now lol). Unforgiveness will create distance between you & God. Unforgiveness will make your edges fall out. Unforgiveness will release the spirit of torment in your life. Release yourself. Please