Confessions of a Christian girl: Lost and found by Sarah Jakes (Review)


When my roommate saw me reading this book, I was immediately asked what could I possibly learn from a girl who had no real problems….😒 I didn’t bother to look up because I was already 4 chapters deep & they had no Godly idea what they’re talking about….
It’s New Year’s eve service:
The praise & worship is going on, I’m listening to the “You made it through message” I’m hearing shouting, declarations & decrees about how great this upcoming year is going to be. People are dancing out of their suits and I couldn’t help but think to myself “We said that last year”. #Boop So much happened in the unspoken year of 2014 I didn’t want to allow myself to feel any form of expectation for fear of disappointment…again. Sometimes you’re just tapped out beyond explanation.

After spending all night reading this book,(it’s roughly about 5:30am) & I can’t help but to be in deep thought over the words my eyes just laid hold of…It couldn’t better timing. I started “Lost & Found” on the 1st & it’s amazing because the underlying tone throughout the entire book is simple “His Grace is sufficient enough”. This book for the church girl at heart. It’s hard to communicate the constant battle between not able to fit into the world but not being able to fit into church.

The book is so full & will leave you full. Well done @sarahdjakes


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