Complete & Divine of Obedience Part 1

Does anyone remember this throwback video from this TBN Praise the Lord program??? Yolanda Adams was hosting and invited Mary Mary, J. Moss, Lisa McClendon and Israel Houghton. I watched the original airing of this video forever ago but ran across again today! How timely! I just HAD to share this.

Why did I do it?

Sometimes you feel as though that when God speaks to YOU, someone else should confirm immediately. I found myself in a situation, where my back was up against a wall and I had to make a decision because I was so busy being concerned with “moving to the next level”,”making moves” and wanting to do “something different”, I felt that perhaps this GOOD thing was a GOD thing because I was use to so many bad things happening to me (I’ll blog about THAT later).  A particular door was open. Everyone thought it was a GREAT idea…everyone except me. I prayed about it, thought about, the door remained open, I expressed my anxiety about entering the door. There was no direct “no” from mentors and those I go over my spiritual dealings with, so I thought “Hey, if they don’t see it” then maybe, just maybe I’m trippin’! It didn’t dawn on me until later, that familiarity works both ways. For example, Jesus said a prophet does not receive honor in his own home. It’s because of familiarity. We can get use to things happening one way that we fail to seek God for the next set directions once we embark on a new path. The opposite side of familiarity can be seen in the life of Rahab. No one thought that Holy men of God would be hiding in this prostitute’s house. Now, it worked to Joshua and Caleb’s benefit and Rahab ended up in the genealogy of Christ. It was because familiarity was abandoned.

I get frantic. I get hazed. I get a little dramatic even. I’m always cautious about every single door, window, step because the decision(s) we can make today can affect our tomorrow(s). There is not always time to express the reason behind my caution with every major decision. So I can understand being seen in a particular light. It was automatically assumed, that it was fear that fueled my hesitation. Perhaps they were right but reader, let me say THIS to you: You can absolutely be in the house of God & still get lost. Not all good things are God things. How I wish I would’ve followed what I knew in my hearts of hearts to NOT have taken that door. Every time something goes wrong, there’s a delay, or a setback, I can’t help but quietly think “If I’d never taken that path, this, this and that wouldn’t be happening”.

My story is not complete. Perhaps I’ll have a different perspective on it 5,6,7 months from now. I do know this: It’s never too late, even if you make a bad decision, remember what God has spoken to YOU. Repent, realign yourself with destiny, purpose, stay in compliance & obedience. Get back on track. God is a God of redemption and my soul knows it. Until next time! XOXO


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