Happy National Day of Prayer!


Why YES! This is a REAL holiday for us Christians 🙂  Take this day and put down every selfish prayer point & pray for this great nation of America. “ If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a Nation gone under.”-President Ronald Regan. Yep. Even Prez Reg said it. We can’t afford to sit back & let America go down in flames. Yes. We do suck at times but let’s not be foolish & forget what morals & values this nation was built one. You can change the outside of the house & maybe in the interior but the foundation will always remain. So pray. Pray for our president, that the mind of God will be downloaded and Godly wisdom will be executed. Pray for the rumors of war against America to be settled. Pray for the birthright of America to be restored and even if there a few percentage of people in this nation that serves the only one true and living God, let mercy triumph of judgment. By led by the Spirit of God when praying. America needs it. God will use our prayers. XOXO


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