7 Things I learned in 7 minutes from Sarah Jakes



 Yep. Y’all know I was late the book signing with Sarah Jakes at Bus Boys & Poets. I literally came near the end. I almost didn’t go. My hair was crazy, I fought through DC traffic, couldn’t find a parking space to save my life. But boy, I’m I glad that I did. Since, I was like literally the last person to get her book signed, I thought “Well, might as well ask my question…”. I like Sarah Jakes because she’s relatable. There’s something about her that’s very “sister-girl”. She’s not trying to be perfect, in fact she’s trying to embrace her imperfection. I think that alone opens the door for dialogue. Here’s what I learned, as she briefly recited her journey to where is now and where she’s going:


1. There were so many things on my record that made me feel not like I was not inspirational.

2. Rest in who you are, it’s worth it.

3.Don’t allow people to define you.

4. Give yourself room to get it wrong.

5. Choose to be transparent. We’re all flawed in someway.

6. When I told my parents I was pregnant, they grieved who I thought I would become but this was my path.

7. For a long time, I saw myself through the eyes of mistakes & it held back me from so much.


Really brief today 🙂 XOXO


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