Today marks day 92 of 2014. We have officially entered the second quarter of the year. My evaluations are done. A new plan has been set into motion. It all began because of one word “Epic”. You know how you have a word just “stuck” in you. Like you use the word by accident when you’re talking. You write the word, without even thinking…anybody?! *crickets* LOL. I guess it’s just me.

Normally, when I use the word, I’m normally because sarcastic. Like “That’s an epic fail”. That’s Tasha language 2014. In my childhood days, circa 1990 something, the word epic was reserved for great tales on the high sea, myths of great legends & heroes that once lived. I lived a pretty normal life. Drove a normal car. Took up a normal (not conventional) trade of a job LOL. I went to normal church. Then something happened…it was like when spider man finds out that his parents really aren’t his parents. His spider senses begin to increase. He’s doing things normal people don’t do. In high pressure situations, abilities he was unaware of rise to the occasion.  His true identity and destiny begins to unravel. His epic story unfolds. There was no notice. There was no commercial. He didn’t get a letter. God just pressed played “play”.

The root word for “EPI” is to be UPON, BESIDE, AMONG, ON, OVER, NEAR, AT or BEFORE. This means you’re “ON”, you’re at your moment, it’s happening as we speak. The most epic thing God created was you. You are a story. You are a classic. You are a monument. You are an adventure. You are an empire. Your rise & your fall were already predestined to teach you one lesson: To be epic is to be…YOU. Welcome to the second quarter of the year.

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