7 Things I learned in 7 minutes from Sarah Jakes



 Yep. Y’all know I was late the book signing with Sarah Jakes at Bus Boys & Poets. I literally came near the end. I almost didn’t go. My hair was crazy, I fought through DC traffic, couldn’t find a parking space to save my life. But boy, I’m I glad that I did. Since, I was like literally the last person to get her book signed, I thought “Well, might as well ask my question…”. I like Sarah Jakes because she’s relatable. There’s something about her that’s very “sister-girl”. She’s not trying to be perfect, in fact she’s trying to embrace her imperfection. I think that alone opens the door for dialogue. Here’s what I learned, as she briefly recited her journey to where is now and where she’s going:


1. There were so many things on my record that made me feel not like I was not inspirational.

2. Rest in who you are, it’s worth it.

3.Don’t allow people to define you.

4. Give yourself room to get it wrong.

5. Choose to be transparent. We’re all flawed in someway.

6. When I told my parents I was pregnant, they grieved who I thought I would become but this was my path.

7. For a long time, I saw myself through the eyes of mistakes & it held back me from so much.


Really brief today 🙂 XOXO


Confessions of a Christian Girl: April Showers Bring May Flowers



Now a days, there’s a saying “April showers bring May flowers”. It’s a reflection of what normally happens spiritually. In this season, we celebrate the life, death & resurrection of Christ. But before there was celebration there was mourning. In my life right now, I experiencing destiny pains. I’m asking God “Is there a way out? I can’t see this one. What’s the plan here? What’s going on? Is THIS your will? Well…God you are Father and you know what you’re doing”. I’m asking similar questions that Christ asked when he was about to endure the cross for you and I:

“My Father, if there is any way, get me out of this. But please, not what I want. You, what do you want?” Matthew 26:39

 How painful, to know the horror of what you’re about to go through before it comes. Such turmoil, such torture. Yet, He did it anyway. To be stripped, beaten and torn to shreds for a crime He didn’t even commit. Christ’s bravery breathes breathe into my body. If I can just follow his earlier example in verse 39 “Going a little ahead, he fell on his face, praying” no matter what lays ahead…I will come out on the other side.

I won’t lie to you, sorrowful tears run down my face. Not because I know what’s going to happen but because I’m uncertain. I can imagine the clouds were dark as He laid his head in between a bushel of thorns as he prayed, unbothered by the ants that crawled over his legs, the dirt that stained his garment, his mind constantly replaying the visions of what was going to happen in less than 48 hours, his sight clouded by tears of intercession, praying earnestly that his disciples would remember every miracle, teaching, encounter and push the Gospel forward, his voice blocked because of the mourning of His soul, yet He did it anyway. He pushed through.

On television, everything is so happy, there are bunnies hopping, spring sales, bright colors & with the hopes that Spring is well underway. But for Christ, all those years ago it was not so. I pray that in this season both physically and spiritually, just as Christ was able to push through the agony of the unfold of events that were SURE to take place before his ultimate glory, I pray that the Christ in you and I will help us endure. I didn’t plan for certain things that are taking place in my life right now, the agony is overwhelming. There are not enough words to express the inner turmoil. The one downside about believing so hard is that sometimes you get let down real hard. Don’t be surprised by bad news, set back or heighten warfare because you WILL win. Remember seed needs dirt, water and sunlight. It’s surroundings and season of darkness being pushed underground, will allow new life to spring forth.

“Since you have been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christ sits in the place of honor at God’s right hand.”-Colossians 3:1

Later Folks, XOXO

Oh no! Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Says She Is Ready To Divorce Cheating Husband


Say it ain’t so…say it ain’t so..

From IAmBrianJames.com

Mary Mary singer, Tina Campbell, has been in the headlines recently after secrets of her marriage and her cheating husband began to surface. It just so happens that all of this drama is taking place during the reality show based about the gospel group entitled ‘Mary Mary’ is going on. We were already aware of her husband’s infidelity but now he reveals to us (& her) how many more affairs he has had and also she reveals to us that she can’t take anymore.

Via S2S Magazine reports:

“I thought we had a good life just like everybody else watching. I thought we was the ideal relationship just like everybody else,” Tina said, expressing what she would probably have said to Teddy if he were standing in front of her.

“You stole my life away from me. I’m angry. Why you gotta do me like this?! I was good to you, man!” Tina shouted before coming to the conclusion that she was ready for a divorce. “I don’t want him. He don’t deserve me. I don’t want him.

She continued, “I had hope when all of this started, when I let the whole world know about it. I thought we was healing because he had me thinking that we was healing.”
What hurt most for Tina was the fact, that he kept dragging out the healing process by admitting the magnitude of his infidelity bit by bit. Instead of coming clean about all of his affairs at once, he’s chosen to deliver the bad news slowly, making it harder for Tina to mend her broken heart.

“You can’t keep telling me stuff,” Tina hollered. “You wait two months, then you tell me something else. You wait two weeks, then you tell me something else. You’re torturing, man! You’re torturing me. Why are you putting me through all of this? Break my heart once! You’re gonna break my heart every month?!”

Tina said, “That’s too much for anybody, Erica! That’s too much.”

That’s when Erica told Tina that she’s been in exactly the same position as Tina, and she shared her steps for getting over the hurt in this preview of “Mary Mary” below! See what else she has to say when “Mary Mary” airs Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on WEtv.

I was really rooting for these two. I’m sad…that it all. Side Note: (Although I’m sure how true this may because this was LAST week’s episode of MaryMary)

You’re NOT ready buddy!


DEEP SIGH…Inspired by TRUE life events. We all GOT flaws but work some things out first buddy. Mannnn, some people’s assignment is to make you LAUGH…EXTRA HARD #Godblessyousaint #ICANT #ISHANT #IWONT #wheeww #bloodpressureallup #chooseyethisday #takingyoutotgealtar #STAT #Cleartheroom #THISisastateofemergency #Deliverance #Ishmael #Sitdown #aintnobodygottimeforTHAT #pleasemakeTHISstopjesus #holdingmyside

My Church Gives Make Overs!


Shout out to my Church! Wonderful things can happen if you partner with Jesus:

1.We’ll help you find Jesus-Fo’real
2.Put on a 21-40 day fast-You’ll look AMAZING after
3. Slather your face with oil at least 3 times a week
4. Kindly suggest that you take out that weave if it looks crazy
5. Most importantly, We’ll love you
Laugh-Happy Tuesday!

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Today marks day 92 of 2014. We have officially entered the second quarter of the year. My evaluations are done. A new plan has been set into motion. It all began because of one word “Epic”. You know how you have a word just “stuck” in you. Like you use the word by accident when you’re talking. You write the word, without even thinking…anybody?! *crickets* LOL. I guess it’s just me.

Normally, when I use the word, I’m normally because sarcastic. Like “That’s an epic fail”. That’s Tasha language 2014. In my childhood days, circa 1990 something, the word epic was reserved for great tales on the high sea, myths of great legends & heroes that once lived. I lived a pretty normal life. Drove a normal car. Took up a normal (not conventional) trade of a job LOL. I went to normal church. Then something happened…it was like when spider man finds out that his parents really aren’t his parents. His spider senses begin to increase. He’s doing things normal people don’t do. In high pressure situations, abilities he was unaware of rise to the occasion.  His true identity and destiny begins to unravel. His epic story unfolds. There was no notice. There was no commercial. He didn’t get a letter. God just pressed played “play”.

The root word for “EPI” is to be UPON, BESIDE, AMONG, ON, OVER, NEAR, AT or BEFORE. This means you’re “ON”, you’re at your moment, it’s happening as we speak. The most epic thing God created was you. You are a story. You are a classic. You are a monument. You are an adventure. You are an empire. Your rise & your fall were already predestined to teach you one lesson: To be epic is to be…YOU. Welcome to the second quarter of the year.

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