Fashion Find Friday: H&M Lipsticks $1.50 each!



Excuse those nails *eww*

H&M…you have done so many things for me this year alone…I just can’t begin LOL. (That’s so sad, all it takes is lipstick to make this girl happy!). So, I’ve ben meaning to try these lipsticks for some time now. I hear they’re really pigmented but I thought “H&M isn’t really know for their cosmetics”….WRONG. These bad boys are the BUS-NIESS. They’re originally about $6 bucks a pop, they were on sale for $3 bucks a pop when I got the register, it was an additional 50% off…LOOK at God! So, in true Christian form, I would be a fool not to grab every color on that self available LOL. I’m in the process of depotting  the lipsticks as we speak. It’s a Happy Friday Indeed!



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