Happiness is Not a Destination, it’s a Way of Life (WHO KNEW?!)

Sorry, no deep revelation here. This is a basic value, I can’t believe I never realized until now!  Please raise your hand if you knew this?! I found this quote on Instagram. I have no idea who said it, nor does it matter because it couldn’t be any truer.


Who lied to us and told us that happiness is a place? So you mean to tell me, that for the past 23 years, before I went to sleep, I went on my knees to pray to get a place that doesn’t exist….WOW. No wonder my prayers weren’t  working. There’s no such place. This is another lesson to why strategic prayer is so important. Our prayers aren’t being answered not because we’re not praying but because we’re praying the wrong prayers. We set things free that should be bound and put into chains. We name and claim things that rightfully don’t belong to us. We give up our birthright because we can no longer wait.

I guess I’m the only one found this out and perhaps this is the reason I’m taken aback. Don’t get me wrong, yes, we should all strive to be “happy” but let’s not get it twisted:  External events in our life do not have to take place in order for us to BE happy. It’s a way of thinking. It’s the ability to be cheerful, despite of negative circumstances. It’s an outlook on life. I’m glad I’m having this revelation now, so that I don’t waste any more time. My prayers will no longer ask for things, people, blessings, breakthroughs or miracles to make me happy but now it’s quite more simple:

Lord, give me YOU. If you created happiness, then I should be able to find my happiness in YOU (duh).Change my way of thinking. Lord, forgive me for every time I was angry with you because I thought you weren’t hearing my prayers. I now  understand, you want to change my perspective. Holy Spirit, thank you for insight and new revelation during this first quarter of the year. As a result, teach me all over again what happiness is and how to lay hold of it and apply it to my everyday life. Your word says that we are the salt and light of earth. Every blessing we lay hold of, is to be a better reflection of you. In Jesus name, AMEN.

Until next time folks 🙂


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