The Treaty of Perpetual Peace


I heard the Lord whisper in my spirit late last night a particular term I haven’t heard in quite a while & it inspired a train of thought: In biblical times, Kings often married off their sons or daughters to the heir of countries they entered peace treaties with. It was a public statement that as long as “Something of mine” is connected with “Something of yours”, war within these walls are unnecessary. This is called the “Treaty of Perpetual Peace”.

What is “Treaty of Perpetual Peace”?

Here’s a little history to give you a better understanding:

The Treaty of Perpetual Peace was signed by James IV of Scotland and Henry VII of England in 1502. It agreed to end the intermittent warfare between Scotland and England which had been waged over the previous two hundred years…. As part of the treaty, a marriage was agreed between James IV and Margaret Tudor, the daughter of Henry VII”.

Translation: This term is often used for the political world to represent an agreement between two nations that were once at war. To seal the act, a public statement was made. Often times, a marriage would take place.

Example 1:

The Marriage of David & Micah

For those of you who know the story, we later find out that King Saul gave Micah as trap to David and constantly looked for a way to penetrate David’s camp through his own daughter. But it didn’t start out that way: Saul made a public decree that anyone who could slay Goliath, would receive Micah’s hand in marriage. It so happened to be David. God openly let everyone know he was rocking with David since day 1! It would’ve been in Saul’s best interest to be team David but his own insecurities got in the way. Now, you know David didn’t play when it came two things: His God and his woman LOL! In 1 Samuel 25:44:

“For Saul had given Michal, his daughter, David’s wife, to Phalti, the son of Laish, who was of Gallim.”

That’s rude. Saul was making a public statement that he didn’t want to have any relation to David. He didn’t want him to be his son-in-law and wanted to block every prophecy that David would be the next King of Israel. Beyond going back on natural a peace treaty was made, Saul broke the spiritual law.  Talk about Shady Boots! Read 1 Samuel 17, 25, & 31.

Example 2:

The Marriage of Solomon & well, his many wives LOL

I strongly believe the reason Solomon had so many wives (beyond the obvious fact he that was a P-I-M-P, LOL), was because his walls were secured and he was at peace. David fought so many battles that he ran into overtime and ended up fighting his son’s battles (I hope you caught that). By the time Solomon got on the scene, the wars have been fought, and the memories of David’s record breaking victories put enough fear into the heart of his enemies that surely his reigning son would not be as forgiving. So quickly, the Kings of all the surrounding countries said “Solomon, we don’t want any issues with you so here you go” and promptly handed out their daughters. As the records show, Solomon did not hesitate. You are automatically in agreement with something you love, crave or desire. You have to do something physically to make a statement that you’re indeed in agreement that person, place or thing. This is what made God upset with Solomon, he went into peaceable agreements with strange gods & deities. Read 1 King 11.

Example 3:

The Marriage of Ahab & Jezebel

Another example of a political peace treaty believe it or not was Ahab and Jezebel. Every wondered how Jezze ended amongst the Israelites? Ahab came from a lineage of warriors. His father Omri was a commander of the army and became King by killing off all of his opponents. When Ahab took his father’s throne, he married Jezebel as a peace treaty with her father, the King of Phoenicians. Read 1 King 16-22.

Don’t rush to enter into an agreement with just anyone. God maybe trying to settle a war you know nothing about. What you have here are biblical examples “Treaty of Perpetual Peace”. The word perpetual means: lasting, permanent, continuous, everlasting, eternal, and any other word you can think of that means “this isn’t coming to an end anytime soon”. Love is like war. You have to fight to get to it, to maintain it & sometimes to forget it. If you’re like me, be encouraged today. Don’t focus on the commercialism of Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have it: Your own will come. If you got it: Let the sparks fly. But just know that you are a daughter or a son of a King & it is with God’s permission that you will enter the right treaties & they will be everlasting. Until next time.


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