The Third Trimester of Destiny


Yep. Up all night. Can’t sleep. Shortness of breathe. Still kinda snappy because now you have to make your own sandwich after you specifically told dude NO mustard. Goodness, you just want things done right! (I digress LOL).  You’re walking around like a walrus. You’re so heavy. There’s so much movement going on in the inside of you, you’re surprised that no around you can feel it. To be quite honest, you’re not excited as you were when you first found out you were pregnant. As a matter of fact, you’re ready to write this kid an eviction notice. I call it “The Third Trimester of Destiny”.

I’ve noticed that three things inspire my blog posts:

1. What the Spirit of God is dealing with me at a specific time and season

2. Real life experiences

3. Hilarious situations I find myself in, where I’m like “There just HAS to be a lesson in all of this!”

This particular post is inspired by a friend of mine who just had a kid *Auntie Mode: He’s cutie pootie, yes he is!* A pregnant woman has to watch her way. She has to make adjustments, exemptions and take precaution in order to safely deliver when she is at full term. Do you see a pregnant woman going skydiving? Do you see a pregnant woman doing cartwheels and backflips? A pregnant woman is not even suppose to go on a roller coaster! On the flip side, pregnant woman hates to sit in one spot for too long. Why?  It contradicts what’s going on inside her. There is kicking, there is movement, there is gas, there are uncomfortable days, because new life is happening on the inside of her.

Seasons are extremely important for Christians. What’s even more important is the ability to identify which season you’re in. Have you ever heard of those “I Was Pregnant & Didn’t Know It” stories? Crazy right?! It is because they did not pay attention to the symptoms. Being pregnant is seasonal, it does not last for ever. Pay attention. Don’t know if you’re pregnant with purpose, take a test. How right? Ask your self these few questions:

 1. What is the Spirit of God speaking to you about?

2. What makes you passionate?  Like it causes your spirit man to leap?

3. What are you praying about? Outside of your normal me, myself & I prayers.

4. What is dream life like?

5. What type of books are you reading?

6. What do you tell yourself? Do you feel as though there is more to life?

These type of questions are important. Don’t think you’re pregnant with anything? Get pregnant on purpose. Tamar, Judah’s daughter in law did it. But’s that a whole other post for another time…Until next time.


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