The Impact of Life


I write this post with sincere sadness…it finally hit me….who I am, was not who I’m meant to be…Let me put it this way:

Who were we? BEFORE we had issues: insecurities, daddy issues, mommy issues, born of out wedlock issues, generational & bloodline issues, “ You offended me!” issues,   “Nobody likes me” issues, turmoil, tragedy mixed with drama, events that derailed our destiny journey…THAT’s the very person God has called us to be. Instead of fighting through all of these issues to figure it out on our own, let us take counsel with the One we came from.

That’s what Absalom didn’t do. The mere millisecond of the moment he got offended with his father David, It all came crashing down. Maybe Absalom was rightfully suppose to be the next of King over all Israel or general of his Father’s army. We never got to see who Absalom was suppose to be because he got caught up in drama. Let’s not forget, he was King David’s son. David had daddy and mommy issues so there was nothing he wouldn’t have given his son. But the issues of life affected Absalom so greatly, he stopped being himself and in fact became an enemy of his own Father (which  was  dumb because who has EVER won against David. God literally fought his battles-no Bueno for Absalom LOL). Read the story for yourself, it’s all sorts of crazy!

2 Samuel 15

2 Samuel 17 

2 Samuel 18

There are two things I believe that can change or alter who a person is:

1. External Events-Things that happen “TO” you

2. Internal Events-Things that happen “IN” you

(I’ll further explain this in another post)

Everything in life is meant to leave an impact on either one these two categories. I’m always uncomfortable when people say “I’ve been through a lot” & continue to down their self-pity story…we ALL have been through a lot. Just because you’re Christian, you’re not exempt from a rainy day. But remember, seed needs rain in order to spring forth & blossom! I beg you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, please don’t make the mistake many of us have made…don’t let life issues change YOU. This is not easy, I KNOW! Trust me, I KNOW! The bright side is that the Spirit of God will empower, strength and remind you that the things that you can’t do or even CAN do (but it would work out much better for us if we took God’s way of doing things); He will grace us to do.

Pray with me:

Lord, before I entered my mother’s womb you knew me. You drew out my life plan with your hand. You wrote my name on your heart. You thought enough of me to let me be the apple of your eye. But God, this journey on this side of heaven has messed me up. I desperately want to become exactly who you intended for me to be. Forgive me for everything I’ve done or said against myself or others out of pain, ignorance or impatience. God, you have a plan, will and purpose for me life & I accept it. I don’t want anything else. I don’t want to chase money, success, an image, a man, a well-known name, a crown and miss the whole point of my purpose on earth. Father, open my eyes to see what you have purposed for me. I no longer want to wallow in self-pity, criticize myself of my shortcomings or curse the day I was born because I’m having a bad day. I exit that level and that way of thinking. I shut the door of immaturity and will now take counsel with you on every issue in my life. I now call forth my God ordained, life-proof self to exist. The very person you intended for me to be, I now walk in it, starting today and onward. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Welcome to your new level! Perception is everything. Until next time.


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