Grammy Award 2014 Looks

Ok, I debated whether I should say anything about these Grammy looks. Overall, I think in the Christian Community we did ‘OK’. “C” for Classy LOL! I feel like the Grammy’s is the time where you have to be like “POW! I’m here. Hey, world. RESPECT-do it!”, you know what I mean? Let’s get to it:

20140204-131447.jpgTasha Cobbs…Bae-Babe! This cobalt blue is perfect. The look had to grow on me I must admit! I would’ve done a updo so we can SEE the dress. I do like the makeup.

20140204-131455.jpgTye Tribett…*smh* Uncle Tye


Erica Campbell, did GooGoo do this? Erica is my aunty in my head but this look was a bit much. Imagine this look; with no bow, strapless but keep the sweetheart neckline. The material is beautiful, the color is great. The design…*shaking my head really fast*

20140204-131513.jpgNatalie Grant…I would’ve pulled her hair all back; put her something a bit more form fitting, a pop of color on her lips. I do like that necklace. It’s a great statement piece.

20140204-131523.jpgBishop Paul Morton

20140204-131529.jpgPastor William Murphy & Wife


Mandisa. LOVE the fuchsia. The ripple dress, not so much. I would’ve like to see her makeup a bit more neutral. Maybe something to give a nice glow, even.

20140204-131550.jpgMatt Meher & Wife (She did well)

20140204-131556.jpgDeitrick Haddon. RayRay and June Bug, come get ya cousin LOL. These Ray Charles shades…I can’t. I DO like the shoes though but I’ve seen this look before. I guess if it’s broke, don’t fix it…*shrug*

20140204-131604.jpgSteven Curtis Chapman & his beauitful daughter. Don’t you just LOVE her!!! He loves that little girl and has a great testimony. Read it

Well that was fun, see you next year!!!!


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