It’s Not a Testimony if Your Still Living In it…


I start this blog entry without so much as a deep sigh….*sigh* LOL. Already, God is teaching me great lessons that are truly undeniable. The bible says

‘They defeated him through the blood of the Lamb and the bold word of their witness. They weren’t in love with themselves; they were willing to die for Christ”-Revelation 12:11 (The Message Bible)

As usual, you know I had to look up every translation for this one scripture and I liked message bible translation the best. Our testimony is the word of our witness. You can only speak boldly about something you’ve overcome. You can only speak boldly about something you yourself can attest to. Anytime a witness is brought into court, their testimony is meant to shame their opponent. Meaning, that before the Judge and Jury what I’m about to say is the sworn truth, because I was there, it happened to me, I am an eyewitness!

Now, what is it about our testimony that can help defeat the enemy? Sorry to be queen of the obvious but the first four letters of testimony is T-E-S-T. The Latin root word “mony” means “an action, result of an action or condition”. In other words, my testimony is to display the results of the test. No one boasts about a bad grade on a test. No one walks around and says “YES, I failed”. But you know what’s funny…people do it. Here’s a perfect example. A friend of mine, somewhere in the world, whether in the body or out of body, I do not know LOL, is always talking about how they’re single, saved, holy and righteous…amen. Not sure how it came up, but um, they masturbate….like on a regular basis. Of course, I had to be the Debby downer but it’s my assignment as a friend and sister in Christ to tell you the truth, even when it’s not what you want hear. I dropped my head, placed my hands on my knees and had to say it…”My dear, that’s not a testimony, you haven’t passed the test. The test of lusting after your own self”. We can blog about that, another time. LOL. Because we live this human life and because we’re always being tested, we will always have a new testimony.

I personally despise when people ask me “What’s your testimony?” My answer is always “Which one?” God has done MANY things for me; therefore I don’t have ONE testimony. The greatest testimony I can give is not that God saved me from a great tragedy-which He has done. Or that He has healed from a broken heart-which He has done and is still doing (Insert confessional moment-cuz Bamas are crazy) For me, is that God has been good to me. *Drop the mic* It is the goodness of God that brings men to repentance. God owes man NOTHING. Yet, freely He gives everything. Who does that?! For me, I’m always giving people the side eye when they’re nice to me because humans believe reprocrocity. But, with God, He’s the ultimate gentlemen is always the first to give and first to make a kind gesture. Who are we that God is mindful of us? A creature that HE created. I’m not saying this because I got some crazy breakthrough or all my prayers have all been answered. I’m saying this because today I’m just GRATEFUL. Take time to reflect, has your testimony been delayed? If so, ask yourself, did I pass the test…Until next time.


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