Be careful you don’t abort your miracle, even when it looks like your not expecting-13 Lessons this Christian Girl learned in 2013, Day 8


Day 8: Be careful you don’t abort your miracle, even when it looks like your not expecting.

Human beings are visual creatures. We are also very skeptical. We have to see something to believe it. But what’s so powerful about faith is that we can believe in a God we cannot see and yet we experience his tangibility! This year, I learned something: When a woman is pregnant there are certain things she can no longer do and even more importantly, EAT. It’s a known fact that it shouldn’t even cross a woman’s mind to consume alcohol. Why? It can be harmful to the development of the baby. I’m a reality TV junkie. I admit it. During an episode of Tamar and Vince, Tamar complained about being forced into sobriety because she couldn’t drink while pregnant and still could not drink because she was breast feeding. I found that very interesting. For many of you that don’t know, Tamar and Vince had fertility issues. Tamar comes from a large family, which we see they have no problems reproducing. But Vince’s family tree is a bit scarce; His parent’s died several years ago in a car accident; leaving behind just himself and his sister. The fact that they were able to carry seed is nothing short of a miracle. But what is even more miraculous is the protective measures one takes, to protect their seed. Sometimes it takes something bigger than YOU, to keep you from doing certain things; where normally, baby, it was about to go down and nothing was going to stop you. But when you’ve been given something, where it’s development and outcome is dependent on your actions, you behave differently. What are you carrying? Just because you are not physically showing, doesn’t mean that you can just consume anything, be anywhere, handle life anyhow. In your walk with God, act like you’re a woman carrying a child. Be protective of what’s on the inside of you. You are carrying a miracle; don’t abort it just because you’re not showing.


“I may not be a 10 to YOU but oh, I’m definitely a 10”-13 Lessons this Christian Girl learned in 2013, Day 7


Day 7: I may not be a 10 to YOU but oh, I’m definitely a 10


This lesson was particularly hilarious! But it helped me understand Matthew 6:22-23 in another way:

“The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. 23 But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”

Another in translation, the scripture begins with “The eyes are the window to the soul…”. I learned something, what your eye is attracted to, is a reflection of what’s in your soul *Stomp my foot & hit my hand on the podium*. I will use myself as an example…I like a certain type of guy. If you did not fall into a certain criteria…dude it’s not going to happen. This year, I had a gentlemen approach me and say that he was praying, he wants to take me out, etc etc. I just stood, nodded my head, politely smiled and sweetly “declined”. Over lunch with a few friends a few weeks later, that particular topic came up and they wanted to know as to WHY I said no. I said “Are we not looking at the same person…you’re kidding right?! Yep, not my type. Not my something to do”. My friend made a statement I thought was just…astonishing…”He may not be a 10 to you…but he’s a 10 to someone else.”. That.Is.So.True. Funny thing about life is what goes around comes back around. I now had a gentlemen friend I was delightfully interested in. I was beyond confident, that at my beckon, I would give him the opportunity to woo me away….yea that didn’t happen. Come to find out, he preferred women who a lighter in complex, curly hair etc. Now, we all know, you don’t tell a black woman at that. At first, I was taken aback and I thought “But I’m a 10!” LOL. But you know, life in itself is a romance. There is something in you that is drawn to something similar in another person.  It’s a soul issue. Your soul is made up of your mind, your will and emotions. What you like, reflects that! I had to and I’m STILL making adjustments to what I’m attracted to. Not everything you want is good for you. You need a healthy, balanced diet. None the less, the lesson was still hilarious.

What to wear on Christmas!


Christmas is surrounded by some many different types of festivities. Some of us go to church, some of us stay in and watch home alone, some of us attend an evening gala. But no matter how your spending your Christmas, don’t forget the CHRIST out of Christmas. I’ve been walking around saying “Jesus is the reason for the season SHOUT’ but all jokes aside…he is. We would have nothing to celebrate if he wasn’t. Take some time out to not just be grateful for the things you will receive but be even more grateful that you were given the gift of Salvation. Merry CHRISTmas!

“If You leave Home Hungry, you will go into the World Starving”-13 Lessons this Christian Girl learned in 2013, Day 6


Day 6: If you leave home hungry, you will go into the world starving…

It’s 7:30am, you’re 15 minutes late for work, you’re stuck in traffic(your head is hurting), you can’t find a parking space, the elevator is taking too long(your head is hurting), the phones are ringing like crazy(your head is hurting), we’re short staffed today-no lunch break, another boring meeting(your head is hurting), you have no idea what your co-worker is saying, you have to stay later to finish some work(your head is hurting), you stop at the gym to drop in for an intense workout(ok, light headed now), you stumble back to your car and as your head is against the car seat, you think to yourself “Hmm, I think I pushed it a little too far with the workout”. You take a sip from your water bottle and ponder of your days activities. Suddenly, you open your eyes and realized I didn’t eat today!

That’s many of us. We zoom through life so fast, we don’t stop to take a moment and consider how much simple tasks can weigh us down.  It isn’t until we are given a task that takes a lot out of us, we then feel the wear and tear of the activity. Don’t let life push you to that point. Equip yourself for what’s ahead. You don’t know what lays in the trenches in your valley season or what is aiming to shoot you down when your moment comes. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Fill yourself with the word of God and intensify your prayer life so that when challenges come, not only will you survive, you’ll win the fight.


13 Lessons this Christian Girl learned in 2013, Day 5


Day 5: Don’t ruin someone else’s reputation to make your testimony look better

Apparently, testimony time is the new “Tell-All”. Perception is reality. Have you ever been in a situation where you were caught in the middle? You’ve heard both sides of the story, gave your two cents and moved on. Only to hear yeeaarrrss later, the same situation, the same story, including the same individuals, in the name of “Testimony Time” but at the expense of one of the two individual’s reputation? It’s amazing I’ll tell you. I had a situation that happened some few years ago. I was just at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Naturally, I didn’t think anything of it. I was extremely casual. But I’m glad it happened then as young adult because it taught me early on you to be careful about how your associate yourself with certain people. What I believed was supposed to be a strategic relationship is now irreconcilable. Certain facts were given that were correct but it was not the truth. It did not reveal the intent and purpose of my actions. Now years later, I hear the story being recited in the form of a testimony and I’m thinking “Yeah, that happened but I didn’t say that or say this about you or the situation”. My favorite part is the name dropping, as well being avoided liked the plague as if I had done something wrong….hmmm…I see…well then. Once thing I love about God, time reveals all truth if you pray the right prayers. My “Name” being cleared is no longer a primary concern. What’s a concern is for the entire truth to be known and for those who are for me to be for me; and for those who don’t know anything about me, to take the time to verify if what you heard was true. This situation has allowed me to exam myself. Have I ever exaggerated a story or only heard one side and ran with it? I’ve been alive long enough and I’m sure I have. Today, I take my time to speak about a situation. I don’t want anything I’ve ever said to demolish somebody’s reputation and good name because I’m salty over a small situation. Not cool. The consequences take years to repair and some of us are left holding the pieces. Have you ever left someone holding the pieces of something you broke?

 All the king’s servants who were at the king’s gate bowed down and gave honor to Haman, for the king had said that this should be done. But Mordecai did not bow down or give him honor. Then the king’s servants who were at the king’s gate said to Mordecai, “Why are you not obeying the king?” They spoke to him each day, but he would not listen to them. So they told Haman to see if Mordecai’s reason was good enough. For he had told them that he was a Jew. When Haman saw that Mordecai did not bow down or honor him, he was very angry. But he did not want to only hurt Mordecai. They had told him who the people of Mordecai were and Haman wanted to destroy all the Jews. He wanted to destroy all the people of Mordecai in the whole nation of Ahasuerus.

“ In the first month, the month of Nisan, in the twelfth year of King Ahasuerus, names were drawn in front of Haman from day to day and from month to month, until the twelfth month, the month of Adar. Then Haman said to King Ahasuerus, “There is a certain people spread out among the people in all the parts of your nation whose laws are different from those of all other people, and they do not obey the king’s laws. So it is not good for the king to let them stay.  If it pleases the king, let it be made known that they should be destroyed. And I will pay silver weighing as much as 10,000 men to those who do the king’s work, to be put into the king’s store-houses.” Then the king took the special ring from his hand that he used for marking his name and gave it to Haman, the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, who hated the Jews” Esther 3:2-10

We all know the story of Esther and where this conspiracy against an entire nation began: Mordecai would not bow. Mordecai was devote Jew and was not going to serve any other God but Yahweh. So, as for bowing, sorry Haman, bowing was not going to happen. So you know what Haman did? He threw a hissy fit and ran to the King and told on Mordecai. Refer back to verse 8 and see the account of what happened to the King. Of course, the King wouldn’t want anyone insulting or not taking orders from his officials. They were the King’s law enforcers and it was a direct reflection on how he ran his nation. But Haman manipulated the story, to get what he really wanted: To polish up his own reputation by destroying Mordecai. Haman was busy making preparations for his testimony because he was about to stomp Mordecai out but look at what God did! It was recorded in the books the good Mordecai has done and the King could not sleep because of it. Not to mention a young hot thing by the name of Esther was strategically placed at the right hand of the King. Despite a command that could not be reversed about the schedule genocide of the Jews, the Lord pulled a checkmate. The Jews were allowed to defend themselves and Haman was hanged. Although Haman left broken pieces in the hands of Mordeaci because of his devilish selfishness, God vindicated him and brought the truth out. We are no longer living in the days of old, so calm down no one has to get hanged LOL but God will turn the situation in your favor and silence your enemies. A painful but necessary lesson of 2013.

13 Lessons this Christian Girl learned in 2013, Day 4


Day 4: Being a child of God has nothing to do with age but everything to do with position!

“ Then they brought little children to Him, that He might touch them; but the disciples rebuked those who brought them. But when Jesus saw it, He was greatly displeased and said to them, Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God. Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it?” And He took them up in His arms, laid His hands on them, and blessed them.”-Mark 10:13-16

What is it about the attitude and posture of children that caused Jesus to make such a statement? Was it that they never sinned? (Highly unlikely because I was a bad little thing by 10) Was it because they’re cute? What was it? A thought came to mind and took me back to when I wanted to be a psychologist. I wanted help people through their dysfunctions. As you probably have figured out by now…I’m not a psychologist, I just like things to make sense. But during my first semester in college, I was all consumed with becoming a psychologist and finding out what is it that makes people tick?! There’s a theory that personalities are molded by two things: Genetics and external circumstances. It’s easier to mold a personality while they are still in their development stage, then to wait for them to be an adult and ask them to change. What exactly is the developmental stage and what happens in that phase in your life? Look below at the Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development:


I learned something from Erikson’s ever controversial but somewhat useful theory. During stage 1, which is considered the most fundamental stage in life, happens with the first 24 months of life. The infant is absolutely dependent on the caregiver. What happens in the next phase of the psychosocial developmental is dependent on the consistency of the caregiver. If for whatever reason, the caregiver is inconsistent, the child will develop a deep seated fear and mistrust of the world around them. The relationship between the child and caregiver is beginning of a fruitful life.

This theory helped me understand Mark 10:16. God does not change. Ever. We may experience a different side to God but He got this game called life on lock. He’s been around for a minute and has dealt with your type and our kind before LOL. Jesus wants us to come to Him with a childlike faith is because we are completely dependent on Him. There’s no mistrust, warped views of the world are absent, there’s not talking back, no reservations, its complete dependence with a look on our face and glimmer in our eye that says “Jesus, what’s next? I can’t do anything with you. I’m completely dependent on you. I can’t help myself even if I wanted to.” This posture moves God to the point where the bible says “He takes us up in His arms, lays His hands on us, and blessed us”. This lesson was a tough one for me. I’m not the mushy type. It’s difficult for me to say “Hey. Yeah, I’m bleeding…911 anyone?” I had to work daily and I’m still working daily to have this disposition. Clearly, I cannot crawl back into my mother’s womb and start over but being born-again is more than a statement, it’s an experience. Listen, the world can be cold but it feels good to know that you can run to God and sit on his lap, take his hands to cover your eyes, peek through his finger, look in His face and say “I don’t have anyone else, I need you”.

TONIGHT! The Truth About Hiphop Live with Pastor G. Craig Lewis at the Life Center


I had the privilege of coming across Pastor G. Craige’s Lewis many years ago and it was the truth I needed to heard that helped me go cold turkey when it came to listening to secular music. Till this day, when hear certain songs, I might love the beat, take note of the catchy lyrics but I’m immediately reminded that there is a spirit behind Hip Hop. Some will not agree but remember we all give an account for our actions, thoughts and behavior. Music has the ability to manipulate your thought pattern, by gaining access to your soul. You must defend your soul at all costs. And Pastor G. Craige Lewis is not afraid to take you through deliverance and cast them demons out real quick! I’m all for that. To register please visit It’s FREE!