Just for Laughs: Brother Franklin Dancing in Church

I’m not sure what makes me laugh more:

  • At the fact a church member snatched their child out the way, as soon as they realize Brother Franklin is in line for offering.
  • At the fact he’s dancing from the time the usher says its ok to give offering until praise and worship is OVER!
  • At the fact that the other congregation members seem to be unphased by Brother Franklin’s performance(s)
  • At the fact that when he is about to  get down, he swings his tie behind him
  • At the fact that once he gets to the offering bowl, he dances around it, doesn’t put his offering in and KEEPS dancing
  • At the fact there is more than one video of him dancing
  • At the fact he’s being invited to OPEN at album release albums, minister at other churches & doing interviews…
  • At the fact THIS is on YouTube

There are just SO many words for these videos but this is none the less hilarious. This man is very happy about being in church, a bit distracting but very happy.


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