13 Lessons this Christian Girl learned in 2013, Day 10-Always say Thank you


Day 10: Always say Thank you

A few weeks ago, I got an email from someone who said they wanted to send me something. I thought, “A gift…why?”. I was a bit hesitant but I went ahead and gave them my address. Weeks later, I received a letter. I’m from the school of thought: Wonderful things come in small packages. When I opened the envelope, the first word was my name. The next two words were “Thank you”. I’m not sure why I paused. I’m not sure why I kept re-reading the first few words. But someone I would’ve never thought in a million years would thank me…thanked me! Even what they were thanking me for…I should’ve been the one thanking them! They gave me the opportunity. The gratitude and sincerity in that thank you put our relationship in a place where if they ever needed me for something again, I would totally be there. I love saying thank you because I know and understand people don’t owe me anything. That’s life and it’s the world we live in. How often do you hear a simple thank you for the tiniest task? Not often. How often do we tell God thank you…and mean it? I’m determined in 2014 not only will I tell God, but I’ll show and behave like I’m truly thankful.


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