Be careful you don’t abort your miracle, even when it looks like your not expecting-13 Lessons this Christian Girl learned in 2013, Day 8


Day 8: Be careful you don’t abort your miracle, even when it looks like your not expecting.

Human beings are visual creatures. We are also very skeptical. We have to see something to believe it. But what’s so powerful about faith is that we can believe in a God we cannot see and yet we experience his tangibility! This year, I learned something: When a woman is pregnant there are certain things she can no longer do and even more importantly, EAT. It’s a known fact that it shouldn’t even cross a woman’s mind to consume alcohol. Why? It can be harmful to the development of the baby. I’m a reality TV junkie. I admit it. During an episode of Tamar and Vince, Tamar complained about being forced into sobriety because she couldn’t drink while pregnant and still could not drink because she was breast feeding. I found that very interesting. For many of you that don’t know, Tamar and Vince had fertility issues. Tamar comes from a large family, which we see they have no problems reproducing. But Vince’s family tree is a bit scarce; His parent’s died several years ago in a car accident; leaving behind just himself and his sister. The fact that they were able to carry seed is nothing short of a miracle. But what is even more miraculous is the protective measures one takes, to protect their seed. Sometimes it takes something bigger than YOU, to keep you from doing certain things; where normally, baby, it was about to go down and nothing was going to stop you. But when you’ve been given something, where it’s development and outcome is dependent on your actions, you behave differently. What are you carrying? Just because you are not physically showing, doesn’t mean that you can just consume anything, be anywhere, handle life anyhow. In your walk with God, act like you’re a woman carrying a child. Be protective of what’s on the inside of you. You are carrying a miracle; don’t abort it just because you’re not showing.


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