“If You leave Home Hungry, you will go into the World Starving”-13 Lessons this Christian Girl learned in 2013, Day 6


Day 6: If you leave home hungry, you will go into the world starving…

It’s 7:30am, you’re 15 minutes late for work, you’re stuck in traffic(your head is hurting), you can’t find a parking space, the elevator is taking too long(your head is hurting), the phones are ringing like crazy(your head is hurting), we’re short staffed today-no lunch break, another boring meeting(your head is hurting), you have no idea what your co-worker is saying, you have to stay later to finish some work(your head is hurting), you stop at the gym to drop in for an intense workout(ok, light headed now), you stumble back to your car and as your head is against the car seat, you think to yourself “Hmm, I think I pushed it a little too far with the workout”. You take a sip from your water bottle and ponder of your days activities. Suddenly, you open your eyes and realized I didn’t eat today!

That’s many of us. We zoom through life so fast, we don’t stop to take a moment and consider how much simple tasks can weigh us down.  It isn’t until we are given a task that takes a lot out of us, we then feel the wear and tear of the activity. Don’t let life push you to that point. Equip yourself for what’s ahead. You don’t know what lays in the trenches in your valley season or what is aiming to shoot you down when your moment comes. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Fill yourself with the word of God and intensify your prayer life so that when challenges come, not only will you survive, you’ll win the fight.



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