13 Lessons this Christian Girl learned in 2013, Day 2


Day 2: If you don’t plan to start, you plan to not finish and fail

When I started this blog, I literally got the idea in the middle of the night and it was up and running within 3 days. At the time, I had the necessary resources to push the idea forward. However, as do all things in life, challenges came up, I lost a few things and that slowed me down a bit.  It forced me to switch the focus and create more balance in terms of the content but it also taught me something; a tactic of the enemy is when he can’t abort the vision, he will attack the provision. Hmmm, smart. But in the midst of the challenge, I told God that this blog was  inspired by the Holy Spirit and whatever direction He wanted to take it, I was down, committed and ready to go. I planned to start something, submitted the vision and I plan NOT to fail and indeed finish. Be encouraged, even when challenges come, do not abort the vision. Not in your mind, by what you say or your attitude (that one was for me!). Stick with it and the Lord will see you through, as long as it’s part of his ordained purpose for you life.


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