Erica Campbell’s New Album Cover…

erica campbell dress

Well as for many of you who can remember, I did an article on Meagan Good’s choice of attire of the BET awards earlier this year & my answer remains the same. One thing is for certain, Erica Campbell is in a season where she wants her voice to be heard and wants to be take seriously as a solo artist. As one part of the dynamic duo Mary Mary, it’s been noted several times in the past that they believe you can be saved and still sexy. So I’m not sure as to why people are shocked.  I think it’s a bit different now that we see Erica standing out alone. I just want  to point out a few factors…she’s wearing a knee length, long sleeved, turtle neck dress, she’s a mother of three, in her early 40’s, she’s no longer a size two AND she’s wearing the proper under garments. She’s dressed more conservative than other gospel artists I’ve seen. I guess you can’t win for losing.



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