Find the Perfect Holiday Dress!

Find the Perfect Holiday Dress!

Searching for the perfect holiday dress can be a hassle but once you’ve found the perfect dress, these 3 things are super important:

1. Comfort-Chances you’ll be wearing this dress for a few hours. Make sure comfortable and you can breathe. Go ahead girl, try out the buffet, hit the dance floor, laugh your head off. If you can’t do these things, then no matter how gorgeous the dress is, it’s not for you!

2. Classic-Is this a dress when you take a picture, you can be proud of? Or will years later, you’ll be untagging your name on Facebook because you’re having a “Oh my, what was I thinking?” moment.

3. Is it you?(same thing as classic really)-Is this a dress you can see yourself in? Is it something you normally would wear? Pick timeless over trend.

Coast halter dress
$260 –

Monsoon floral dress

Isabel de Pedro leather panel dress
$510 –


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