What I’m listening to


I am not forgotten
I am not forgotten
I am not forgotten
God knows my name.
He knows my name.

Light over darkness
Strength over weakness
Joy over sadness
He knows my name
Father to the Fatherless
Friend to the friendless
Hope for the hopeless
He knows my name

I will praise You
I will praise You
For I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I am not forgotten
Never forsaken

Think to yourself how many times you’ve waited on someone you loved, honored or respected to “hey, I didn’t forget about you”. There’s something about those few words, that makes your stomach do a double flip engulfed in a rare moment of emotional ecstasy. It is nothing compared to God saying “I haven’t forgotten you”. Earlier this week I was reminded that a day to God is a thousand years here on earth. Just because we’ve prayed about the same issue for a few weeks and haven’t seen anything, we mostly likely let fall by the wayside. God’s like “Yo. Kid. Tired already? You haven’t even asked me real good” “LOL.  If I haven’t learned ANYTHING this week, I’ve learned to be patience because God has NOT forgotten me. Though the vision may tarry, wait for it!


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