Check mic 1,2,3….I got a confession: The REAL reason I started CONFESSIONS OF A CHRISTIAN GIRL!

I got a great question the other day, that I’d thought I’d share with you:

Hello friend.
What inspired you to start blogging and keeps you blogging? I assume partly because it’s another avenue to share Christ in some way but anything else? –Bill Crockensberg

*You know why the name was changed LOL


Thanks Bill! What inspired me to blog? And what keeps me blogging? Hmmm, good question. Answer: We live in a world that requires us to separate who we are from what we do. In the work place we’re told it’s unethical and unprofessional to speak on our religious standards, yet other topics are tolerated. Who I am affects what I do and how I live! I am believer, why should I tone that down? It’s my lifestyle. Everyone is called to do something. We must find that thing and do it. But the hardest thing in the world, is to find out what God has called us to be and find out what we’re ordained to do. We have to enter the spirit and find out what’s in the mind of God concerning His blueprint for our lives…that’s not easy. Some people walk this earth and die without every knowing who they truly are.  How unfortunate! Before I’m a person, I am a spirit being and I possess a soul. What affects my soul can affect mindset, what alters my mindset can affect my decisions, what alters my decisions can affect my destiny. 89% of people who struggle with depression and it goes unresolved end up with mental issues. Why? It is because they’ve stored up unexpressed words and emotions. I refuse to die with God’s wisdom buried under fear, other’s opinions of what I should say or do or my own short comings. I’ve done some crazy stuff, I’ve had hilarious moments, I’ve had some trying times. But who hasn’t? I’ve said all of this to say: If Paul were alive today, he would have a blog! If Esther were alive today, she would have blog LOL. They have truths that THANK GOD were documented and we as believers benefit from now. We all have a calling but we need to find our platform. I’m NOT a pulpit preacher, nor desire to be. I’m not called to save the saved. I believe that because of the type of I attract (people who have common interests such as fashion, ratchet tv & just love life), I’ve been given the grace to deal with. But you know they respect the most? Truth. They’re more receptive when they can see one’s humanity not carnality. I love to encourage. When I die (Really hear my heart here) I want people to remember that they were encouraged. How do you that? By words, gesture & expressions. How can I reach them? That’s where creativity comes in. I was on blogs ALL day long. It made my day. So guess what I decided to do, LOL become a blogger! Welllllll, I hope I answered your question?! (sorry for typos, I did NOT proof read this)-Me 🙂


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