What to wear Wednesdays

What to wear Wednesdays
I’m LOVING this week! We knocked off Monday and we’re one step closer to Friday! Yeaaaa! Anyways, we’re finally in the first week of September and it’s still warm out. But those mornings are getting pretty nippy! LOL. You know how you have those outfits that you created around your shoes? Yes, this outfit would definitely be it.  I’m sure I’ve seen these kiddos in my mother’s closest some where in the late 1990’s. With a chucky heel and pointed toe (happening at the same time, I LOVED the 90s lol). This outfit is giving such a retro feel. The bamboo earrings definitely sealed the deal. The white follow one sleeve, really cleans it up. Let’s not forget those red disco pants. Happy Wednesday!

AX Paris red trousers
$40 – axparis.com

Ivory bracelet

Hoop earrings
$6.20 – newlook.com

Chanel eye makeup remover
$40 – debenhams.com


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