Fall 2013 Trend Report

Fall 2013 Trend Report
Ahhh, the cold front breeze of fall is here! We’re seeing more wardrobe essentials more than trends. Here is the official trend report for fall 2013:
*We have our good ‘ole faithful turtlenecks! Again, it’s not really a trend, it’s more so necessary!
* Beanies: It gets cold, you don’t feel like doing your hair, throw on a beanie and you’re good to go!
* Statement Piece Outwear: I always determine if someone really knows their stuff by the jacket they wear. If you don’t put an investment in anything, invest in a great jacket that will last you day in and day out.
* Knee High Boots: Need I explain?
* Dark grey color scheme: This IS a trend, but people have a tendency to naturally wear darker colors when it’s cold out
* Dark shades of green & shapeless wear: The color of season will be dark green. You will also see slouchy pants making a comeback. I have no idea what that’s about but it screams “I don’t care” LOL
This is your official fall update. Remember you don’t have to follow trends, just find out what works for you and BE the trend!

Alexander wang
$965 – harveynichols.com

River Island cotton turtleneck
$15 – riverisland.com

Almost Famous high waisted pants
$63 – vanmildert.com

Agent Ninetynine red hat
$27 – generalpants.com.au


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