What to wear Wednesdays

What to wear Wednesday

It’s conference week for me at church, so I’m doing a lot of from work to church wear! I was feeling the color crimson today. Enjoy!

Dolce Gabbana black lace jacket
$1,970 – profilefashion.com

Warehouse pencil skirt
$38 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Patent purse

Kat Von D lip stick

Bulgari perfume

You Never Know Who is Watching You

You NEVER know who is watching you. A few days I received an email from someone I recently met and I will share a short portion of an email they sent me:


Huh?? Whaaaa? Who? Me? Chillee please! It was completely unexpected and could not believe that someone was this about me! But you know what? I can’t take an ounce of credit. “Put that on Jesus’s tab please” LOL. I’m a hot ratcheted mess, Sunday through Sunday, but I believe in 1 peter 4:8 with all my heart”…love covers a multitude of sins”. Now, I know some people use that scripture to justify themselves and sinful lifestyles but we must also take Romans 6:1-2 into consideration

“What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?”.

Translation: Come one now, you know better than to do whatever, whenever because God’s grace is available to you. Much earlier in my walk I was really struggling in certain areas (Can I keep it real somebody? LOL) and I watched people I looked up to compromise in certain areas. Because of their example, I reasoned within myself that if THIS person has compromised what’s point of trying? I was a middle of a season in my life where you’re not a new christian anymore, your still telling everybody you love Jesus, your fire has down a little, but you still go church at least 3 times a week. Yep, you know what I’m talking about.  Yet, there was constant wrestling in my spirit. So, I asked God very seriously “If you help me walk in holiness and purity, I promise I’ll take this walk all the way. There has to be example of Christian living”. That prayer was the beginning of the change from “regular Christianity” to “ok, we’re doing this thing for real”. It’s not easy and at times the price tag of sacrifice hurts but I am determined to “fulfill all righteous”as long as I walk this earth, in my human suit.  God’s mercy was and still is available. I say all of this because you never know who is watching you. We are the carriers of God’s presence and we have the ability to bring effective change. That email reminded to me to keep running, keep striving, keep working it until it works.

Ask yourself a question “What areas of my life have I let slipped because it’s much easier to give in then to fight against if?”. If you are ready to move to the next level in God, ask Him to help you. Turn down your plate if you have too, turn off your phone, delete some people from your life. Make an effort and God will help with the rest. Like mom would say “I love you, I love you, I love you. Be blessed until you are blessed.”



It is not just our social responsibility but our spiritual responsibility to ensure that the next generation doesn’t miss out on what God has planned for them and does not suffer through the same mistakes the generation before them made. The word declares

“Whatever they plot against the Lord he will bringto an end; trouble will not come a second time- Nahum 1:9.

The word of the Lord can not return to Him void, but we have to work that scripture out in order to see it’s full manifestation. Find one person and impact them in such a way that when they look back on their lives, credit will be given to God that if they hadn’t met you, perhaps they would’ve missed out on a great blessing.



What I’m listening to


 Here are the lyrics:

 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Father, Father, Father,
Spirit, Spirit, Spirit.

Let Your living water flow over my soul,
Let your Holy  Spirit come and take control,
Of every situation that has troubled my  mind,
All my cares and burdens on to you I roll.

Jesus, Jesus,  Jesus
Father, Father, Father,
Spirit, Spirit, Spirit.

Come now  Holy Spirit and take control,
Hold me in your loving arms and make me whole,
Wipe away all doubt and fear and take my pride,
Draw me to your  love and keep me by your side.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Father, Father,  Father,
Spirit, Spirit, Spirit.

Give your life to Jesus, let Him  fill your soul,
Let Him take you in His arms and make you whole,
As you give your life to Him, He’ll set you free,
You will live and reign with Him  eternally.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Father, Father, Father,
Spirit,  Spirit, Spirit.

Let your living water flow over my soul
Let your  Holy spirit come and take control,
Of every situation that has troubled my  mind,
All my cares and burdens onto you I roll,
All my cares and burdens  unto you I roll.
-Jimmy Swaggart

I woke up with this song and my spirit and decided to share it. On the drive to work, it got me thinking, without God we are like still waters. Have you every been by water that has no moving current? It stinks….like bad! Allow God to work a new work and give all your burdens to the only one who has the answer and the solution to anything that this life may your way. Jesus replied, “If you only knew the gift God has for you and who you are speaking to, you would ask me, and I would give you living water.”-John 4:10. My prayer today is simple “Lord, open my eyes that I may see the gift you have for me. If the gift is in me, uncover it and allow me to see what I don’t see in myself. Be the living water of life and bring a divine whirlwind to the still waters of my spirit. Amen”


SUMMER STYLE: All the way Chic Sunday

What to wear to church Sunday
It’s all the way chic Sunday! The gold compliemts and makes this hot blush pink dress stand out. Enjoy your Sunday!

Paule Ka ruched dress
$205 – harveynichols.com

MICHAEL Michael Kors satchel purse
$480 – harrods.com

Chanel fragrance
$130 – debenhams.com