My Reponse to the Megan Good Debacle

After several days of pondering what exactly I wanted to say concerning this issue. I decided to not post a video or to really comment. Instead I’m going to talk about two things: 1.  There are levels in God (I’ll go more in depth in a later post) 2. Motives behind Actions. When I read Mrs. Good-Franklin’s response, this part stood out “I don’t feel convicted about this at all”. What else can one say? The Holy Spirit is the one who encourages, uplifts and also corrects. Here’s the reality check “she’s striving to be a christian in the entertainment industry”. The entertainment industry is a lot like the Devil, once you make a mistake, he will never let you forget it. The audience was introduced to what she does rather than who she is. Again, I refuse to go in to deep on my personal opinion but I will I’d rather go the word of God. I took into consideration Psalm 66:18 & James 3:1.

My prayer for Meagan

Father, I pray that Meagan’s spirit man would wake up and that the eyes of her understanding will suddenly open. Holy Spirit, may you not just become her best friend, but may your voice in her life be amplified. I pray that Meagan will always be able recognize the voice God, even in troubled times. Let every attack of discouragement and condemnation cease fire. May there be an outpouring of God’s Spirit in her life. Let there be a release of grace for her mission. May she always be reminded that she no longer lives for herself but for the work and the advancement of God’s Kingdome will become her primary focus. Amen.

My hope is that Meagan would become successful in all that Lord has ordained for her to do.  Again, I hope that she understands the difference between judgment and correction. Correction is for our edification but if we’re not at the age where we can truly understand the lesson, the correction seems unfair.


2 thoughts on “My Reponse to the Megan Good Debacle

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