Abstinence…Round Two

The other day I had (what I would consider nothing short of hilarious) conversation about why I want to keep myself until marriage. I thought I’d share some my thoughts with you!

My Thoughts on Abstinence

  1. It’s not by circumstance it’s based on choice:  I made the decision to practice abstinence when I was 12. I want  to wait till marriage and to make sure it was MY decision to be with the person I choose to be with. I didn’t want to give my body to just anyone.
  2. I won’t trade my honor: I’ll talk about that later, that’s entire post by it’s self!
  3. Freedom of Expression: I want the expression of my love to be tied to my physical expression. Let’s face it, I’m not a man. I don’t need sex or need to “release” like I need to pee! Dude needs to know “If you’re getting this…that’s because I like you…and probably married to you”. I don’t want to be anymore attached to someone it may not work out with then I need to.
  4. Mornings after Suck. No explanation there.
  5. I’m a REBEL: I’m going to ride against the tide on this one. It’s ironic that instead of being commended for my moral standard, I’ve had people label me. Granted, there are some people who…well don’t have a choice BUT to practice abstinence (*snaps* OK*). I don’t hate men, I think men are wonderful. They’re a gift from God even! I’m not feminist. I just believe what I believe.
  6. Thinking Straight: I feel as though I have a clear mind when I’m dealing with men. I can sniff out the undesirables from afar and see them for who they really are. Sex, I believe confuses things. You know dude it trifling’ but he’s sexy, so you’re just going sleep with him even though you KNOW the relationship is not going anywhere. That alone is a good enough reason for me to pass.
  7. Ok, so I want to boast…just a little: I want to be able to say to my future husband “He’s the only one who’s getting it” and mean it. I also don’t want to have to compare “how good he is” to someone else. I got married friends…we talk honey! LOL
  8. Being an Example: Whether we like it or not, people are watching what I do, how I approach situations and if the outcome is a successful mission. I  don’t know too many people who’s doing what I’m doing but I can’t look what other people are doing I have focus on my mission. Thanks for listening!-Tasha

1. The issue of the appetite

For whatever reason, people lose their minds when they realized they might need to zip up their pants and pull down their skirts in order if they want to walk this walk for real! The word abstinence means: The fact or practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something. Sex is directly connected to your appetite. It’s YOUR human need and desire for sensual gratification (look at me sounding smart LOL).  Matthew 15: 11 & 7: 15 clearly stresses that “It’s not what goes into a man but it what’s comes out of man the defiles him”. In order for something to come out of me, it has already taken root in me! It’s a know fact that sugar is poison to the human body. According to globalhealingcenter.com “refined sugar as a poison because it has been depleted of its life forces, vitamins and minerals.” Sugar in its natural state has some of the nutritional values that we need to create balance in our bodies; but once it’s take out its natural state, it can defile our bodies. Sugar it’s self is not bad but once its taken out of its natural state and has been mixed with all sorts of article ingredients it can become harmful. This is a basic analogy of sex. I don’t want something that could potentially become harmful for me because I’m operating outside the realm of covenant. It’s an issue of appetite. It’s about controlling your appetite and asking God to help you with is naturally already in you! Here’s the definition of appetite:  a natural, strong desire to satisfy a bodily need. The appetite. Sex is not exempt from that definition. Appetite and abstinence are frenemies. They’re not hanging out and kicking it unless appetite knows abstinence is in control.

2. The issue of the soul

 “You are spirit, you live in body and you possess a soul” body-soul-spirit

Your soul affects your mind, emotions and will. But at your core you are spirit, your body is just a container for who you really are. Is it possible that how you treat your body could affect your spirit? Is it possible that if your spirit is broken, it can begin to manifests itself in how you take care of your body? Why would I allow anyone to come directly affect my soul by sleeping with them? Have you ever been with somebody that you lost sleep over? Couldn’t stop thinking about? Wondering who they were with, what they were doing, were they going to call you back when they said they were? It’s great example of your soul being meddled with. You have to protect your soul. The devil is enemy of your soul. Whatever he can do to permanently damage you, he knows he needs to hit you at your core. Sex is a one way easy ticket to your spirit man. “Watch over your heart with all  diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.”-Proverbs 4:23.  Another translation says “issues of life”. If your soul is sick, your heart is damaged. Take care of your soul, as much as you take care of your body

Quick Recap: I won’t let my appetite control me(ask my personal trainer!) or allow my soul be damaged. Time and season is important. Sex itself is not bad, I repeat, It’s not bad. It’s the timing. Don’t play jeopardy with your life! “I’ll take sex in marriage for 2000 Alex!”


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