When I woke up this morning, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper this in my spirit “If you can’t stand people, chances are you don’t understand them”. Hmmm…really Jesus? That was my first response but I had to caution myself to see the bigger picture. How many times have I challenged myself to push past people’s hang-ups, character flaws to understand them? My defense mechanism has always been “Well, they did it to me first. Why should I push past people’s craziness when they won’t push past mine?” 2 years ago, when the holy spirit began to deal with my callus heart, my mom told this “Because you’ve been loved, you have to love”. Love was a very foreign concept. I can’t say during these last 20 plus something years that I’ve never been loved because I’m sure either the following has happened:

1. It wasn’t the right kind of love

2.The love was conditional

3.I fought against

4.Didn’t believe I could I be love

I’ll be honest, I had angry-black-women-syndrome! LOL. For a few good reasons, but the love God was enough to break it. My conviction now has been 1 John 4:19 “We love because he first loved us”. Yes, we’re not God. Yes, we’re not perfect. But yes, because He lives in us we are an extension of who He is. We can’t pick and choose what we can want from the word. My lesson learned for today is to look past people’s behaviors and find out how I express and extend love.




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